We're Looking for Stories!

We want to talk with black women about the topics below. If you or anyone you know has a story that fits any of these scenarios, let us know! Send us an email using the form below. Be sure to include the scenario your story relates to and give a concise description of why the story might be a good fit.

Care-giving vs. Self-care: Have you ever been faced with having to choose between taking care of yourself and taking care of others? What was the specific circumstance that required you to choose? Which did you choose and why? How did that situation end up?

Ambition: Are you part of an ambitious couple whose relationship has faced ups and downs because of your commitment to your individual passions, careers or pursuits? Tell us about a time your passions and your relationship were in conflict? How did you resolve it?

Friendship: Have you encountered a situation that required you to be vulnerable with a friend(s) that you hadn't been vulnerable with before? What was the situation? Did it bring you all closer or further together? ......

Racial Responsibility: Have your feelings of guilt/obligation around needing to advance the Black race ever bumped up against your own personal interest, goals, or ambitions? What situation caused these two competing interests to collide? How did you end up balancing the two?

Aging: Have you found yourself forced to confront an aspect of aging that you were struggling with? What was the situation? What aspect of aging did you feel you had to confront? How did you resolve that situation?

Failure: Have you ever started a business and not been successful? How did you start the business? What led to it's downturn? How did you reconcile?