We're Looking for Stories!

We're gearing up for season 2 and we want to hear from you! We're looking for stories from black women about the topics below. If you or anyone you know has a story that fits any of these scenarios, reach out! Send us an email using the form below. Be sure to include the scenario your story relates to and give a concise description of why the story might be a good fit.

Black Womanhood

Do you have a story about how you came into your identity as a Black woman and how that process was informed by how you did or did not relate to the people around you?

Story Submission: 1 - Black Womanhood


Tell us about a time you worked to find balance in your life - either at work, with your family and friends, in a relationship, or some other specific situation. How did your identity as a Black woman factor into the challenge you felt in finding balance and/or the ways you went about addressing that challenge.

Story Submission: 2 -Balance


Share an instance in which you felt called upon, as a Black woman, to address the differences between the races. What were the circumstances that led up to you being called on in this way? How did you respond? Upon reflection, do you feel you made the right calls?

Story Submission: 3 - Uprising

Black Excellence

Talk about a time where you felt pressured to represent Black Excellence. Have you run into a specific situation at work, at school, in a relationship, in pursuing your personal passions or otherwise where you felt  sure that you needed to perform twice as well just to be taken as seriously as others? How did that situation impact your view of yourself? Of others around you? How did you end up handling it?

Story Submission: 4 - Black Excellence (#7)


Tell us a story about a time where you were impacted by colorism. What challenge did you face because of your shade and how did you confront that challenge? How has it affected the way you look at your complexion now?

Story Submission: 5 - Colorism (#8)

Body Positivity

Tell us a story about a time where you were forced to confront some issue that you have with your body? Were you wishing for a bigger booty? More curves? What was the situation that finally pushed you to confront this body issue? Were you able to resolve the issue or is it an ongoing challenge for you?

Story Submission: 6 - Body Positivity (#9)

Angry Black Woman

Tell us about a time when you were perceived as an angry Black woman and why. How did that label affect you? How did it make you feel? What did you do as a result?

Story Submission: 7 - Angry Black Woman (#10)

Driving While a Black Woman

Tell us what you love about driving. Why do you enjoy it? What about it is appealing to you? What’s your favorite part?

Story Submission: 8 - Driving While Black (#11)


How has your faith shaped who you are as a Black woman? What queues did you get from your religion about how to behave and how to treat others? How has it impacted how you see the world?

Story Submission: 9 - Faith (#12)


What’s your favorite way to wear your hair? Why? Do you prefer your hair long or short? What do you believe your hair says about you? What’s your stance on baby hairs? What’s your stance on laid edges?

Story Submission: 10 - Hair (#13)

Self-Care Sunday

What does self-care look like for you? How is it more than a pedicure every now and again? In what ways have you adjusted your lifestyle to better accommodate your self-care regimen?

Story Submission: 11 - Self-Care Sunday (#14)

Whole & Healed

How important is it to you to be whole and/or healed? What does being whole and healed look like? What are some things that get in the way of that? What are some things that help you get to that place?


Story Submission: 12 - Whole & Healed (#15)