A note from the show's creator

This show started out as the thesis subject for my graduate program and has grown into my passion project! After two long years the show is now out in the world and making an impact. I am honored to tell my own story of Black womanhood as well as the stories of other Black women. I look forward to continuing to share this journey with you!

 Meet the team!

This show absolutely could not happen without the help of Nichole Hill, the show's producer. Nichole is a master organizer and planner and has an amazing ear for stories. She helps plan the season, interview guests and brainstorms in the overall direction of the show. She's also got her own amazing that you should definitely check out called The Secret Adventures of Black People

About the Show

The Colored Girl Beautiful is podcast about black womanhood as explored through Emma Azalia Hackley's 1916 book also called The Colored Girl Beautiful. The original book covers various topics such as Love, Personal Appearance, Marriage, Work and Motherhood. 

The show is told from the host, Aseloka Smith's, perspective and walks listeners through her experience of reading the book. Along the way we listen to conversations Aseloka has with different Black women about different topics in the book. 

Google Podcasts creators program

The Colored Girl Beautiful podcast was selected among thousands of applications for the inaugural cohort of the Google Podcasts creators program!